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CFT, rehabilitation of the enthesis

Tendons have to be attached to the bone. This region, called enthesis, might be affected by overexertion or acute trauma. Successful treatment strategies should focus on both, tendon and bone. A fascial approach could help in understanding chronic non healing lesions.

Fascial models do not distinguish between bone and tendon. It is seen as a continuum, which has only a different degree of calcification.


As an ISELP certified veterinarian it is important to asses the precise site of lesion and to outline the affected structures. But Dr. Keller is also a manual therapist with a 20 ys case load; he understands the importance of elasticity and integrity of biomechanic chains. He cooperates since more than a decade with human medical companies. Similar to chiropractic to the axial skeleton, the goal is to achieve full function to the biomechanical unit: like in the following video to the suspensory ligament enthesis.


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