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better than a mobile MRI

An ISELP certified examination should be the ultimate goal for a lame horse! Better than a mobile MRI, the diagnostic tools of an ISELP certified vet. might bring light into the hidden source of lameness of the equine athlete.

discuss an image

In my blog I would like to discuss my approach in assessing lameness. The goal is not to teach, but to interact with other specialists in this field. ISELP is dedicated to “in the field diagnostic”, non fancy, but highly professional and self-critical. Documentation and discussion are the cornerstones of this unique society under Prof. Jean-Marie Denoix.

Equine Locomotor Pathology is a professional sport

We have to approach our cases like professional sportsmen. Stick to good technical imaging and try to avoid the easy way to get a result. There are exact ways to examine an anatomic region and the biomechanics properties should be respected in the therapy and corrective shoeing … this is provided in the ISELP modules.

what is the most interesting finding in the image

In the following articles I would like to discuss certain pathognomonic images or cases.

Please find below the image of the next case.

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